Monday, July 16, 2012


It occurred to me that I have no means of truly delineating between what I think is a good book and what I absolutely hate. So without further ado my means of rating my reviews.****

****I've come to the realization that while I may love a lot of the books that I read, that doesn't mean it's fair to give them ALL 5 Stars. As a result, I have reconfigured my ratings system to go across a 10-Star scale.

1 Star – Sentiment is: BLEH, I want my money back.
Imagery includes: The last star in the history of stars blinks out and becomes a giant black hole.   You have been warned.

2 Stars – Sentiment is: Grrr. Phooey. Argh.
Imagery includes: The star was there but in the thousands of years of its existence it just faded away.

3 Stars – Sentiment is: What happened?? It had all the right starts and then just *kaplooey*

Imagery includes: Three stars, close together, are desperate to keep shining bright so they join forces. Their combined light provides strength and yet it still may not be enough to survive.

4 Stars – Sentiment is: Gah. Could have been worse, right?

Imagery includes: Several stars in a cluster, they shine bright together and yet it’s a view you’ve seen before.

5 Stars – Sentiment is: Well....It was okay and, just *sighs* I WANTED to like it; does that count?

  Imagery includes: Star Light, Star Bright, you are the first star I see tonight and there will     be  more stars later but hey, you were the first so at least there’s that, right?

6 Stars – Sentiment is: I liked it well enough; it’s just that simple, really.
               Imagery includes: Stars, stars, bright and clear across the sky. Just so many stars, you can’t pay attention to them all.

7 Stars – Sentiment is: Good book, I’ll read the next release and come to a better decision about the work later.
   Imagery includes: Some of the Brightest Stars in the Galaxy. They catch your attention, shine brighter than those around it and make you forget about everything for just the right amount of time.

8 Stars – Sentiment is: Great book. I may even love it in the future.

  Imagery includes: Bright Stars in a constellation. They are admirable, honorable; a sight to behold.

9 Stars - Sentiment Is: Very, very respectable read. Quite impressive, I assure you.
               Imagery includes – Shooting Stars! Hold your breath and make a wish.

10 Stars – Sentiment is: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Read this book now! I'll buy you a copy and you'll just have to read it!
               Imagery includes: Second star to the right and…well, you get the picture. Within these stars, entire worlds exist. Enter and be forever changed.

And there you have it folks. My newly created Ratings System. These ratings will be added to past reviews so that it may be easier to understand precisely what I feel about the book after my incessant rambling finally comes to an end. Hope you enjoy the sentiments and imagery. I thought it would help with the whole comprehension process.

UPDATE: For the record, there will be on occasion half stars added on certain reviews, depending on how I feel about the book in question. I'll explain the reasoning as it comes up in my reviewing process. Half stars are for the sake of being just a little more persnickety when it comes to my ratings. But yes, they will exist on this scale.

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